Frequent Asked Questions

What types of data do you provide access to?
We provide access to historical and updated data including racecards, race results, sectional times (for HK), horse stats, jockey stats, trainers stats, betting odds (SP), and pool odds (HK).
Do you provide data for multiple countries?
Currently, we provide data for the UK/IRE and Hong Kong race courses. However, we are working on expanding to include USA, France, Japan, and Australia in the future.
Do you provide data for Australia and the USA?
Currently, our live products and services cover the UK/IRE and Hong Kong. However, we are actively working on expanding our data models to include Australia, USA, France, and Japan.
How frequently is your data updated?
We update and upload the results within two hours after the races are over.
If raw sectional time data is provided, what is the coverage of data?
Sectional data is provided for every furlong from the start to the finish line.
How far back does your historical data go?
For Hong Kong, our historical data covers races since 1979. For the UK, our historical data goes back to 2011.
In what format is the data provided?
Our data is provided in CSV, JSON, and SQL formats, as well as MySQL and PostgreSQL data dumps. We are also developing our own API for data integrations.
How can I renew or cancel my subscription?
You can manage your subscription by accessing your account on our website. From the user area, you can view and cancel your subscriptions, change payment methods, and activate or deactivate the auto-renewal feature.
Does the data cover both flat and jumps/chase/cross-country horse racing events?
Yes, our data covers all types of race tracks, including flat, jumps, chase, and cross-country horse racing events.

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