Over 40+ years of horse racing data in our databases
Updated data / statistics
25K+ HongKong Races,
13K+ Horses,
315K+ records
Sectional times on races
A few things we’re great at

Feeding you the most complete and reliable horse racing data for Hong Kong racecourses from
1979 – 2021 seasons

Products and prices

single season

    24,90 $  

Full data for single season

Results + Horses + Races + Trainers & Jockeys stats

Sectional times table

Seasons from 2009 – 2020

Sha Tin and Happy Valley courses


    49,90 $  

Full data for 12 years seasons

Results + horses + Races + Trainers & Jockeys stats

Sectional times table

Seasons 2008/2009 to 2019/2020

Sha Tin and Happy Valley courses

hong kong FULL DATA

  79,90 $    

Complete data package

Results + horses + Races + trainers & Jockeys stats

Sectional times 2008 – 2021 (up to date)

All Seasons 1979 – 2021 (up to date)

Sha Tin and Happy Valley courses


The products are available for direct download after purchase in many formats on the user account area after register and login

Features and Structure

Hong Kong horse racing data feed integration. Most complete data between 1979-2021 seasons

Over 25,000 races

Including race type, going, surface, prize and EW

Over 315,000 results

Sectional postitions on races

Win odds and place odds

  Jockeys win rates stats    

  Trainers win rates     stats    

Sectional times on races

Finish Time

Over 13,000 horses

Including Age, Owner and Country origin


Our data is based on a relational database structure schema. Integrations available for any purpose




Over 315,000 race results

Over 13,000 horse records

Over 25,000 races


Sectional times on races since 2008

First race, origin and import type

EW, Place, Win odds, Place odds and

finish time

The secret of success

Create your own horse system using a statistical model 


The minimum amount of data required for proper statistical model development and test samples is in the range of 500 to 1000 races.


It is important to define the factors and as much information as possible to extract from the data in each of the relevant system areas


You don’t need to have specific handicaping experience to build a horse system, as everything you need to know can be learned from the data


The same data used in the development of the statistical model must also be available for input in real time long enough before the start of each race

Keep your database up to date with high availabilty with our weekly updates

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