Complete UK+HK Horse Racing Databases


Historical horse racing HongKong (1979 – 2022) with sectional times (2008 – 2022) + UK&IRE data Set + Trainers stats + Jockeys stats (2016-2022) + Jockey&Trainer Stats calculation SQL procedure

Available formats for download: CSV, SQL, XML, JSON, HTML, TXT and MYSQL DUMP


HongKong + UK&IRE Racing Databases- The most Complete Data sets

Data empower your Horse Racing Bet System or your website to show results, times, horses timeform etc.

Try to improve it with the most extended Database in the market with all the information you need to step forward towards success!

Choice is yours so select what season you need and go for it!

This package includes:

  • UK & IRE historical horse racing full data (2016-2022)
  • HK complete database from 1979 to 2022 seasons
  • Records + Races + Horses +  Trainers stats + Jockeys stats + Sectional Times(HK)
  • Jockey&Trainer Stats Calculation SQL procedure for a specific input past date based on historic race records(UK)
  • Available formats to download: CSV, SQL, XML, JSON, HTML, TXT and MYSQL DUMP


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